Region V Mission

Region V is made up of fifteen Chapters, two Sections, and ten Student Sections throughout the states of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.


The vision of Region V is to provide its members the resources and support for protecting people, property, and the environment.


Region V is a geographical grouping of chapters which provides chapter leaders with opportunities for communicating, networking, and sharing of best practices with one another.


  1. Promote the standards of professional practice.
  2. Support Chapters in advocating positions on regulations and legislation which affect the practice of the profession or the activities of the society within the Region.
  3. Assist its Chapters in promoting the ASSP image as the leader in the safety profession.
  4. Maintain effective and efficient chapters to achieve the Region’s vision.
  5. Encourage Chapter leaders to develop and implement methods of providing relevant professional knowledge for their members.
  6. Develop strategies to identify and share best practices for recruiting, retaining, and nurturing the membership.
  7. Deliver quality professional development and leadership opportunities.
  8. Support and nurture student members in the Region.
  9. Establish and maintain methods to enhance and expand communication among chapter leaders.