SPY Award Application – Chapter

NOTE: Once the Chapter SPY becomes a Region SPY nominee – please look at the Region SPY criteria to ensure the petition packet meets the criteria for submittal. In addition, the Chapter Awards committee should consult the judging criteria for the Region SPY.


SPY Award Application – RegionDeadline for submission to Region is December 1st

This document provides the categories in which petitions will be evaluated. It is designed to assist and provide guidelines for preparation of a petition. It contains examples of the kinds of safety and Society activity that the Regional SPY Committee considers favorably when judging a petition.

Candidates are judged by the scope, depth, quality and impact of their efforts over the past three years, in the safety profession, ASSP and the community. The nine (9) -page (maximum) doublespaced petition statement should be carefully prepared so that it is both comprehensive and accurate.

The Regional SPY Committee must rely on the sponsoring Chapters and Regions to provide a petition that is clear, concise, accurate, and detailed. The Committee must judge each candidate on the basis of the petition only. The committee realizes that the petition may be a difficult endeavor. Accordingly we provide all Chapters and Regions with this document to help demonstrate some of the kinds of information that is considered favorably.

NOTE: Submitted material must be based on past three year’s activities only.

For more information on the Region SPY Award or process, email our Region V Awards and Honors Chair at

Previous Region SPYs

2015 – 2016 Michael Saujani – Northeastern Illinois Chapter
2014 – 2015 James Lange, Nicolet Chapter
2013 – 2014 Bruce Morton – Wisconsin Chapter
2012 – 2013 Diana M Stegall – Northwest Chapter
2011 – 2012 Crystal Anderson – Great Plains
2010 – 2011 Al Borzych – Greater Chicago
2009 – 2010 Shelly Killingsworth – Heart of America
2008 – 2009 Maribeth Anderson – Greater Chicago
2007 – 2008 Marion Synowiec – Greater Chicago
2006 – 2007 Jim Weaver – Heart of America
2003 – 2004 Scott B. Gilmore – Heart of America
2002 – 2003 Tom Dyson – St. Louis
2001 – 2002 Thomas Choinski – Northwest
2000 – 2001 Keith Vidal – St. Louis
1999 – 2000 John E. Reid – Great Plains
1998 – 1999 Tommy G. McAtee – Heart of America